Past National Award-Winning Programs

Since 1996, the diverse and prestigious group of Community Partnership Award winners continues to make a positive impact on society every day.

Rooted in empathy and a commitment to partnering with public, private and other social sector organizations, these remarkable nonprofits are tackling an array of issues through a variety of successful, innovative approaches. In doing so, they are providing opportunity and hope to many. We are thankful for their contributions.

Following is a quick look at the crucial work being achieved by each of the past 25 national award-winning programs.

100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

In 1986, a group of business leaders formed 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. (The 100). Their mission is to empower and inspire underprivileged African-American youth in Atlanta who, because of structural income inequality, are being left behind in the classroom and in life.

Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast)

Los Angeles, CA

The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast) is confronting human trafficking, one of the most devastating human rights issues facing our country and the world. Through its Survivor Advocate Program, Cast embeds a trained professional, who is also a trafficking survivor, in partnering hospitals to improve the support that is offered when a victim of human trafficking seeks medical attention. In doing so, the program is empowering these individuals to rebuild their lives after years of captivity and abuse, and to turn their exploitation into an opportunity for advocacy to end human trafficking forever.

Humanim, Inc.

Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore City Deconstruction Project employs a new model of multidisciplinary problem-solving to transform once-blighted blocks of dilapidated, vacant houses in Baltimore’s inner city into thriving green spaces. They’re doing this, not by clogging landfills with demolition debris, but by hiring and training local residents, many of whom were formerly incarcerated, to take apart these buildings, piece by piece, and then salvaging bricks and boards for resale.

Children's Home Society of Florida

Orlando, FL

The Evans Community Partnership School uses a transformative “no-wrong door” delivery model to provide a range of social services. This includes on-site medical and dental services, mental-health and counseling programs, after-school enrichment and mentoring, and transportation and meals, aimed at raising the academic ground floor and empowering students to succeed. Today, the school has 15 agencies working collaboratively to strengthen the community by creating opportunities for students and their families to reach their full potential.


New York, NY

DREAM’s (formerly known as Harlem RBI) East Harlem Center for Living and Learning originated from DREAM’s need for school facilities and the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA’s) interests in increasing low-income housing in the neighborhood. The center includes a 450-seat public charter school, where 50% of kindergarten seats are reserved for students living in NYCHA residences; after-school and summer program space that serves more than 1,800 kids each year; 89 units of affordable housing; a revitalized public park and community space; and ongoing job opportunities for local residents.

Waikiki Health

Honolulu, HI

Waikiki Health’s PATH Clinic is Hawaii’s only comprehensive obstetrics/gynecology clinic that specifically addresses the often complex needs of pregnant and parenting women with current or past addiction challenges. It provides primary medical care, smoking cessation programs, childcare and social services, all in an environment that is nonjudgmental and compassionate.

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Carlsbad, CA

At Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, an all-volunteer team of world-class surgeons, dentists and other medical providers is transforming the lives of disadvantaged children with physical deformities through the extraordinary gift of reconstructive surgery, dental and health-related services. These ongoing services are provided through Fresh Start’s Surgery Weekend program, a first-of-its-kind partnership with Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Rochester Hills, MI

Prison Puppies pairs future Leader Dogs with model prisoners who have demonstrated they can be trusted to provide 24/7 care to a seven-week-old puppy through its first year of life. These Leader Dogs not only provide greater independence, safety and self-worth to their blind or visually impaired clients, but also give the inmates who cared for them a sense of pride and gratitude for the chance to give back to the community.

Challenged Athletes Foundation

San Diego, CA

Operation Rebound uses the healing power of sports as a path to recovery for active-duty service members, veterans and first responders who have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of their service. Operation Rebound has helped injured service members to reactivate their competitive spirit and pursue goals as big as competing in the Paralympics and as important as being able to chase their children around the block.

College Possible

St. Paul, MN

College Possible helps break down the barriers that often keep economically disadvantaged youth from getting into college and earning a degree. Using AmeriCorps members as coaches, College Possible provides intensive ACT/SAT preparation, college admission and financial aid consulting, college transition guidance at the high school level and a program to help college seniors as they prepare to graduate and join the workforce.

Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)

New York, NY

Through its partnership with the City of New York Department of Correction and the New York City Board of Education, Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO) helps incarcerated men between the ages of 18 and 24 earn their GED and focus on life skills and possible career paths to better their chances of success once released. Fewer than 15 percent of the released inmates GOSO has worked with have recidivated.

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

Boston, MA

Most of us rely on the support of family or a visiting nurse when recovering from surgery, illness or injury. Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program’s Barbara McInnis House: Medical Respite Care Program is a 104-bed facility that provides 24-hour medical care for homeless patients who are too sick for a shelter or the street but not in need of an extensive hospital stay.

Catholic Charities CYO

San Francisco, CA

Since its inception in 2007, the Family Eviction Prevention Collaborative—comprising Catholic Charities CYO, Homeless Prenatal Program, Hamilton Family Center and Compass Community Services—has helped thousands of San Francisco families avoid homelessness by providing rental assistance to stave off eviction and help those in shelters or substandard housing find permanent homes.

100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

Project Success is a partnership between 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., and Atlanta Public Schools. This wide-ranging enrichment and mentoring program for students has grown to include programs in 19 Atlanta public schools. Project Success has energized Atlanta, helping thousands of children realize their potential for leadership and success.

New Jersey SEEDS

Newark, NJ

Every year, New Jersey SEEDS Scholars Program selects over 100 inner-city students to attend rigorous Saturday and summer classes in academic subjects as well as leadership training. Students who complete the program receive full financial aid at one of over 100 independent secondary schools across the country that are partners in the program.

Community Hope, Inc.

Lyons, NJ

The Hope for Veterans Transitional Housing Program offers transitional housing in Lyons, New Jersey, for up to 75 honorably discharged homeless veterans. The partnership provides up to two years of group and individual therapy, case management services, access to psychiatric services and a professional program of substance abuse counseling and vocational services.

Freeport West, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN

StreetWorks is a collaborative of 13 organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul that have pooled their resources and developed a coordinated response to help homeless youth get the help they need. StreetWorks’ outreach workers offer homeless youth everyday necessities for life on the street and distribute referral cards to agencies in the collaborative for those who want further help.

An Achievable Dream, Inc.

Newport News, VA

An Achievable Dream is a year-round program in academic, social and moral education for underserved children in grades K–12. The program has succeeded by approaching the achievement gap from many different angles: extending the school day and year, providing food and healthcare, and stressing character development and social skills. Partners include the local sheriff’s office, business community and a U.S. Army facility.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Hartford, Inc.

Hartford, CT

In Clubs Go to College, two Hartford institutions have realized their common goal: to provide children and young adults with opportunities to develop physically, morally and intellectually. The Boys and Girls Clubs offer sports, art and computer facilities, and the children have access to Trinity College events and facilities as well as student volunteers who serve as positive role models and friends.

Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Zone-Based Advocacy brings together the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh (WC&S), the City of Pittsburgh Police Department and the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office in a coordinated response to the needs of domestic violence victims. WC&S advocates work to prevent future violence, helping victims understand their options, including counseling and shelter.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

Des Plaines, IL

Building Homes: Rebuilding Lives is a partnership of the Prisoner and Family Ministry of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, the Illinois Department of Corrections and Habitat for Humanity International. This program trains prisoners to construct homes for Habitat for Humanity families. It has served hundreds of inmates and families, offering valuable lessons in both home building and community building.

Al Sigl Center for Rehabilitation Agencies, Inc.

Rochester, NY

This partnership of individual agencies works together to help people with disabilities live fuller, more independent lives. Al Sigl Center is the resource agency, managing real estate for programs, coordinating shared services, raising charitable contributions and expanding public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, thus freeing the partner agencies to focus on serving clients.

Edgewood Center for Children and Families

San Francisco, CA

The Kinship Support Network supports grandparents and other relatives of children who’ve lost a parent through death, abandonment, abuse or neglect. The Network provides guardians with support groups, mentors and educational workshops as well as access to a range of services including healthcare, case management, community resources and housing opportunities.

Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs, Inc. (A.C.O.R.N. Clinic)

Brooker, FL

“A Level Playing Field” assigns students of medicine, nursing and dentistry from the University of Florida to elementary schools, community centers and the A.C.O.R.N. Clinic to provide basic dental care, immunizations and a range of other health services to children in low-income rural communities in Florida.

Henry Street Settlement

New York, NY

In this partnership, United Parcel Service (UPS) sends its managers to the Henry Street Settlement to learn about inner-city life. Managers visit homebound seniors, teach job skills and deliver food to the homeless, while learning about the diversity of their workers and the people they serve. The Henry Street Settlement learns how the corporate world solves its problems.

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